Off comes the plastic

We took the black plastic sheeting off out lawn that has graced it for these past three months. Will I miss the black tarp rustling in the breeze? I will not miss it at at all. But it was kind of fun to have it collect water and jump in puddles without getting muddy. All good things must pass. Even though starting the yard began with killing out lawn, it feels like we have now started the process and that is exciting. 20130518-153538.jpg

My husband went out and raked the grass/weeds and rototilled it up. It already looks better! Although in true Beam form the rotor-till did break at the end. A pin came out of the front wheel and got lost in the yard. We are lucky that my father-in-law was a shop teacher for years. He has come by small engines that stop working and then he fixes them up. So while it is annoying that we lost the pin, it was nice that we didn’t have to buy or rent the equipment.


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