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Yellow front door


I have painted the front door a very bight yellow and my husband and I adore it! We think that it has done so much to freshen up the front of our house. While we were at it we removed the old light and the mailbox. I took our mailbox with us when we moved and finally mounted it.

The light I bought from lamps plus. It was on clearance for $10. The base was black so I spray painted it silver. I am not in love with it by any stretch but it is an affordable upgrade for the time being.

We also had to purchase a new door handle since the firemen decapitated our old one. We opted for a handle set. I have always liked the look of them. It seems to give the front door a more dignified look.I purchased the Schlage F58 CEN 619 Century Exterior Handleset with Deadbolt in Satin Nickel from lowes because I needed it ASAP since we had no door handle, but it seems to be quite less expensive from Amazon.


I like the no VOC paint and so I purchased this cal spar paint. I have to say though that I was shocked at the price. I think that it was nearly $20 for a quart. I still needed at least two coats of paint, although I did three. After the first coat, I left the door propped open and blocked with a stool and our dog buster had shimmied through. He had a yellow streak for a week. Ha! So I needed three coats.

Swatches for the door

paint swatches for the front door

We had an incident where I left a pot on the stove and ran to the store for some bread. The pan burned, smoke filled the house, and the smoke alarms went off. our neighbors called 911 and the fire department broke down the door and took the smoke out of the house. I arrived home to three fire trucks in front of my home. Thankfully there was no fire.

Because of this we are taking on a new project, the front door. The security door was cut through and is now unusable. The door handle to the actual door was removed and the door had some damage where it closed. I took some wood putty and sandpaper and fixed that though. Here it is primed and waiting for me to pick the door color. We’ve decided to go for a bold color for no other reason than because we’d like to try it. I have a whole front door pinterest board filled with ideas and inspiration.

Which one do you like?

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