About Me

Amy Beam

I want to be upfront that I am not an obvious gardener. In fact for years I was hiding the fact that I loved plants and growing things so much.  I am a web designer and developer and I have been nearly all of my career except for the first two years out of college where I was an administrative assistant at a church.  The thing is while I like web development (I really enjoy the problem solving aspects of it), I would be lying if I called it my passion. What I love are relationships with people, growing things, creating and cooking for those that I care for. When people ask what I would have been in hindsight I always respond landscape architect or botanist. I just really like plants. I have had a garden in La Mesa for 4 years now (the last two with raised beds). I have had a worm bin and have composted with it for the past 8 years.  I grew up in the country in Northern California where my family always had a garden as well as chickens, goats and sometimes cows and pigs.

My passion for plants and sustainability is only part of why I started this blog. Honestly, I want a place to document what I am doing and collaborate online with others as well. If I make a dime off it, that will be wonderful, but I don’t expect that will happen.

I am a freelance developer right now and I have a 2.75 year old so having a low maintenance garden is kind of a must for me. We recently (as of January 2013) moved into a new place so we get to start over again from square one. I’m excited for the journey of creating something beautiful!

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