The look and styling of Great Maple

Only a few months old, the restaurant The Great Maple in San Diego is located in a former diner. They have updated the interior and exterior to keep the spirit of the joint, while elevating it to be more hip and modern. We went there to celebrate Mother’s Day and while it was crowded and our table quite small, the food was pretty tasty. They do a lot of farm to table stuff and change the menu seasonally, which is a movement I can get behind. Their eggs are free range and I could taste the difference. I would recommend it to anyone looking to try a new breakfast spot in San Diego.

There were a few elements that I took photos of that I thought could be used as design inspiration for gardens. As we walked in, they had this great flower box. I really liked the plants that they used to make it up.  I think that is creeping thyme, aeonium, and I’m not sure the name of the tall fern like plant. they also had rocks in it, but I don’t know if that shows up in the photo.

planter boxes in front of The Great maple

We sat on the patio and they had a great and seemingly simple water feature coming out of those funky bricks from the 60’s. with the wood and the candles it looks modern and very Palm Springs.

water feature made from 60's style cinder blocks at great maple restaurant

It made me laugh because yesterday I gave away a dozen of those blocks that we had sitting in our back yard. Oh well!


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