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Fountain of cascading succulents

succulent fountain
succulent fountain fount in a courtyard in front of a condo complex at the beach

I have an on again off again habit of running. One of the things that I enjoy is viewing different front yards. I often stop and take photos with my phone (since I have it on me listening to music) of plants or yards that I find inspiring. Often the pictures are lacking due to the time of day that I often run. I am finding that while most people have traditional lawns, many done quite well, more and more people are opting for low water plants including natives, low water plants, and succulents. It seems that this is especially a good solution for small yards, but it also seems to work well in average front yards. In the case of the latter xeriscape seems to help define the space and break it up. But I digress.

succulent fountain
succulents flow like water in this fountain

On one such run, this one being near the beach in front of a condo complex, I stopped in my tracks when I saw a stunning fountain filled with succulents. It gives the illusion of water, but in a most unexpected and pleasing way. The colors and the textures are fabulous and surprising. I would love to do something like this, but honestly I am just thankful that it exists. It is just that cool! Kudos people!