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Staghorn Fern


We had a lovely morning at a beloved little girls birthday party. We were over at Aunt Janis and Uncle Bruce’s house for it. They have molded their yard into the perfect place to host parties and entertain. Aunt Janis hosted both my bridal and baby shower there. I did not get photos of their yard but it is lovely. Our spaces are different but in many ways we are using the idea if it for inspiration for our own yard.

I was talking to Uncle Bruce about his yard and specifically his staghorn ferns. He showed me one that is about four feet by five feet. Apparently he had inherited it from his grandmother (what a cool thing to inherit). I’m going to butcher his story but originally it was in the botanical garden building in Balboa Park. He gave me a pup from it that he has mounted. I am thrilled that I get one of these interesting plants!

Bruce told me that Staghorn Ferns like potassium and to cut up banana peels regularly and sprinkle them on top to feed them.