Succulents at San Diego’s Safari Park

I have written before about how I almost enjoy the plants at the zoo more than the animals. They do such a great job there and I’ve noticed that in certain areas, much of the plant life is drought tolerant and there are some great examples of landscape design to be had. At our visit last week we headed to the Safari park in Escondido. This is quite a bit inland from the zoo and it gets hot during the summer months. Much of the landscaping reflects the different climate zone (I think zone 22, but not certain).

Aloes at the Safari Park in San Diego
Aloes at the Safari Park in San Diego

Safari Park Garden with tram
A planter of aloes in bloom and the tram that takes you on a tour to see the animals roaming on acres of land
Safari Park succulents
Beautiful succulent garden — those sticks really do look on fire
Safari Park succulent garden
Aloes at the Safari Park in San Diego Rock and succulent garden at the Safari Park
pincushion flowers and deer grass
Planter of deer grass and pin cushion flowers