starting succulents

Propagating Succulents

Several months ago a friend of mine, Jenny of Jenny Wenny Cakes posted on facebook that her front yard, which is entirely succulents (please correct me if I’m wrong) had some pups. She asked if anyone wanted them. Thinking ahead about our front yard I thought why not. So I contacted her and arranged to go over to her house to get some cuttings. I wish that I took a photo of her front yard as after two years of being planted it is filling in beautifully. Those cuttings are finally starting to sprout.

How to propagate succulent cuttings

starting succulents

  1. Take cuttings fairly close to leaf area.
  2. Lay them out to dry so that they form a scab where the cut was made. Leave them out for 2-7 days or so.
  3. Place cuttings in soil, preferably succulent and cactus mix. I usually put rocks in the bottom of pots for drainage as well.
  4. Ignore cuttings for the most part, lightly watering maybe once a week giving plenty of time for the soil to dry out in between.

I’ll give updates as to how they are doing, but so far so good. I took the cuttings February 22, 2012 and planted them a week later around March 1st. I noticed about a week ago (or two) that the leaf cuttings were starting to sprout little plants. It seems like it takes about 5-6 weeks to see anything so this is definitely an exercise in patience. Lazy gardeners like me will enjoy the fact that there is little to no maintenance required.

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