Gravel Patio in the Front Yard


We finally got everything ready to add gravel to the little patio in the front yard. I went to the rock yard to get some samples. Originally we wanted to put DG or decomposed granite but I have heard that they scratch the floor and I don’t really want to need with that.

Our criteria is that it needs to match the rock I the faux dry creek bed that came from our yard, be smooth as to not scratch our floors and not be crazy expensive.


We estimated that for our space we had about135 sq feet to cover, which ends up being about a half yard of gravel. The four samples that you see above range from $125/yard up to $700/yard. We have chosen the 3/8″ salt rock that we could buy in bulk (lower right corner) as opposed to bags which can be on the higher end.


Here ow what it looked like with landscape fabric on before.

Here is what it looks like all filled in!

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