Garden at the San Diego Children’s Museum


This week we had a fun outing to the fabulous New Children’s Museum located in downtown San Diego. They have a new exhibition called Feast: The art of playing with your food and their indoor spaces mostly revolve around this theme. It is clever and hip and just a lot of fun for little ones. For this exhibit they also have a chicken coup (hands off) and a garden located in the park just across the a street.

I took some pictures of the Garden Project. It is mostly comprised of raised beds, but is also really playful and fun!

I love this not only in its actuality, as it is beautifully done and cared for. But I also love the idea behind it. I love getting kids into connecting with where their food comes from and growing things in general. I love examples of urban and small space gardening and I adore how playful and practical the space.

I have a good friend who grew up in Sevilla where the city is littered with orange trees. She told me that the scent of them in heavy with their parfumerie in bloom and that it is not considered poor firm to pick an orange in passing. How cool is that?

I would love more food grown for people to enjoy where they live rather than growing it in far reaching and undisclosed places. Seeing this small slice of it makes my heart happy.

20140228-231334.jpg20140228-231406.jpg You can’t really see it but this short metal raised bed spells art and is filled with strawberries! Mmmm

20140228-231415.jpg How clever using bicycle wheels as a trellis!