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Here is the plan

yard plan updated with dry creek bed
Front of the house plan updated august 2013

Two months ago when I was extremely busy at work, I had the bright idea of spending a few hours putting together this image using various things from the internet. You will notice that this includes new paint on the house as well as a stained fireplace.

  • We plan on putting a small patio in the front yard. Initially it was going to be a decomoposed granite patio, but after going to the Estancia Hotel and seeing their beautiful gardens, I think that I would like it to be a flagstone patio with some ground cover in between.
  • The plant selection isn’t really fleshed out in this rendering, but we mostly want to use drought tolerant plants and succulents. To use either we really need to bring in new soil as ours is clay and has horrible drainage.
  • The walk way that we want to add has pavers here, but after talking to my dad he changed our mind on that. He convinced me to have a flat surface for the front walk way of concrete. That makes it easier for people not to trip. This is especially important for older people. So we are going to have a concrete walkway (the same width) to match the other concrete path.
  • We also need to figure out what to do with the planter attached to the house. I thought we might be able to stucco it, but I don’t know if that is a good solution. That will be a phase 2 item, but it still needs consideration.
idea of what the yard would look like upon completion
Here is a Photoshop rendering of what our house might look like in the after sate

Always prepare for the worst

I saw this garden shed and chuckled. It says “In case of Zombies or yard work” across the top of the shed with tools neatly lined up under. It makes something quite utilitarian into a cute and quirky space. I kind of love it, even though I’m terrified of scary movies. Even the brilliance of Shawn of the Dead was a little difficult for me to watch at times. You can see more about how they created the In Case of Zombies stenciling here.

Is IKEA’s PS VÅGÖ the modern adirondack chair?

Ikea ps vago chair with side table
My little reading nook set up with Ikea’s PS Vago chair and a small side table

When we moved in we spent most of our budget on fixing up the inside of the house, new walls (thanks to my dad of Dan Andersen Drywall), new floors (I have nothing but good things to say about Woodworks) and new AC. We have little to no budget to spend on redoing our yard as of yet, but have several events where it would be nice to have a place to sit in front or in back of the house. I have been looking online and in stores for stylish outdoor furniture at a great price. What I keep coming back to is the Ikea PS Vago chair.

Well I bought two of the orange ones and I think I am smitten. It was a bit of a challenge to fit in my civic and I regret not picking them up in a larger car or at least by myself (I had my son sitting in his car seat in the back seat so I couldn’t really cram them in there).


I’ve placed them in several spots and I think they fit everywhere. Plus they are really comfortable. I want to buy more!