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Pocket planter sighting with succulents

Recently the zoo added a large pocket planter near their exit. It is sparse now but I can imagine that it will be stunning in years to come. The material is a very thick felt and it was moist because I think they just watered it. It was filled with various succulents, maybe even cuttings. I am thrilled that it is here!


And also the elephants because they are incredible and I love them!


A trunk full of plants

my trunk is filled with plants for the front yard from Evergreen Nursuery

After much planning I now have all our plants for the front yard! Actually this excludes the raised beds in front of the house where I want to put roses but for the main section we have it. I went Evergreen Nursery, a wholesale nursery that also sells to the public, and I bought the smaller sized plants (that were nearly a 1/4 of the price). At the nursery customers drive around and load their cars with plants and then pay at the exit. It is a bit time consuming to find exactly what you need but worth the price. Personally I really enjoy perusing the aisles looking at plants so the experience was fun.

This time I brought my sunset western gardening book as a handy reference as well and I was glad I was able to have that to make smart decisions.

Here is what I got.
7 pink Muhley Grass
9 red yucca
4 red bottle brus
h “little john”
4 small succulents
5 yellow flowers.

Aloes in bloom

It is hard not to notice aloes in bloom everywhere I’m Southern California this time of year. It seems that most of the year these structural plants are quite unassuming but when they bloom they can easily triple in size and boast bright, showy blooms that almost look other worldly. It is a winter treat (I use the term winter loosely as for the past month we haven’t gotten rain and the temperature has been averaging 75 degrees).


San Diego Botanical Gardens

This week I went up with a friend to the San Diego Botanical Garden in Encinitas. There were many different sections of the garden all of which were well done. The one that I liked best as an inspiration point for our yard (this was kind of a fact finding mission), was the Mexican Garden. That garden was mainly comprised of succulents like agaves, but there were other plants mixed in as well. Surprisingly to me most of the garden was in the shade. I have noticed that my succulents do prefer to have a little respite from the sun. This could possibly be because I hardly ever water them.









I only have this picture, but I also really liked the Children’s Garden. It had many of the same plants that were in the Mexican Garden, but some other drought tolerant plants were also mixed in. The result was very pleasing to the eye. It also seemed to attract many butterflies, which is always fun.

It is worth a visit to the San Diego Botanical Garden if you like plants and are around the area.

Fountain of cascading succulents

succulent fountain
succulent fountain fount in a courtyard in front of a condo complex at the beach

I have an on again off again habit of running. One of the things that I enjoy is viewing different front yards. I often stop and take photos with my phone (since I have it on me listening to music) of plants or yards that I find inspiring. Often the pictures are lacking due to the time of day that I often run. I am finding that while most people have traditional lawns, many done quite well, more and more people are opting for low water plants including natives, low water plants, and succulents. It seems that this is especially a good solution for small yards, but it also seems to work well in average front yards. In the case of the latter xeriscape seems to help define the space and break it up. But I digress.

succulent fountain
succulents flow like water in this fountain

On one such run, this one being near the beach in front of a condo complex, I stopped in my tracks when I saw a stunning fountain filled with succulents. It gives the illusion of water, but in a most unexpected and pleasing way. The colors and the textures are fabulous and surprising. I would love to do something like this, but honestly I am just thankful that it exists. It is just that cool! Kudos people!

Grounds at the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla

20130725-222530.jpgThis part weekend we attended a family wedding at the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla. The service was incredible. I think that they really captured the spirit of hospitality. The grounds were wonderful and I believe that they are award winning. With the exception of two large lawns where they have weddings, every plant that I saw was water wise with many many succulents. It was all I could do not to take a cutting or two.

shade garden at the estancia hotelI love this shaded garden that was out of the way. The two heights look great!

flagstone with lawnthe lawn softens the flagstone. I wonder if you could do this with fake lawn? I know plants like thyme would work well. It is nice for a patio. I think that this could work well for the patio in our front yard.

20130720-143811.jpgSet up for a wedding in the courtyard at the Estancia Hotel in La Jolla.

Funky modern planter with aloe


Here is an example of a very simple container arraignment taking from a cutting of a rather larger aloe plant in my friend’s back yard. I found these fun pots in the summer section at Target. They were all marked down and so I bought two more of various shapes.

About a month ago I filled it with dirt, stuck the cutting in and let it hang out. I love how structural and different it looks from most house plants. Plus it goes really well with these owl prints that I already had.