10 Steps to a new front yard

While I am not someone who lives and dies by lists, it seems foolish not to have a plan in place when starting a project of this size. So here we go written down for posterity (or until I forget to pay for the hosting).  Here are the steps that we have in place to transform our front yard from a landscape of dead plans and dirt to a respectable yard filled with curb appeal.  My inlaws just brought down their rototill for us to use so we are getting close to ready to go!

Steps to a new front yard

  1. make a plan of plants etc
  2. rototill yard
  3. set up irrigation
  4. take out fence
  5. grade yard
  6. do forms and lay concrete for walk way
    put up new fence(?)
    make patio out of pavers or dg
  7. fix raised planter
  8. add mulch and or rocks
  9. plant trees
    plant plants
  10. stain porch
    jackhammer out section of concrete(?)

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